dechen chodron

My inspiration to paint comes from the beautiful dance of light on water. 
I love the challenge of finding the right hue to portray the light reflecting qualities of water, influenced by 'Monet'. 

I learnt how to paint by learning how to see, discovering the zen of seeing.

I studied at Plymouth University, creating studies of water, in film. ( Eternal memory )
During my studies, I discovered a Japanese scientist 'Masaru Emoto'. 
He discovered how waters molecular structure changes when you play music to water, talk to water, sing to water, praying to water. Etc.  This is documented in his book, 'Messages in water.'  His scientific discoveries influenced my work because we are 80% water and we live on a planet which is 80% water.

By being conscious of these facts it influenced my life and my art. My oil paintings represent living art, which will live on, to portray the beauty of water and its secrets.